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RoboTiCan Goshawk – Autonomous Interception System

AIRIAL PROTECTION AGAINST C-UAS & HOSTILE DRONE THREATS  Manufactured by Israel-based, RoboTiCan, and distributed in the UK by Viking Arms Ltd, the Goshawk is the next generation of hostile drone interception. The Goshawk is an Autonomous Counter Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS). Designed with an integrated kill net, to catch and carry a hostile drone, the Goshawk assures aerial protection against the threat of hostile drones, in a safe and controlled manner. With the increase of UAV threats in recent years, drones have become a weapon of choice and are capable of surveillance, propaganda, and aerial strike attacks. The Goshawk kinetic interception method is a modular and safe solution for threat neutralisation – especially when dealing with threats that are immune to GPS jamming, spoofing or other signal-based mitigations methods. RoboTiCan Command and Control System The Goshawk system is designed to detect UAV’s, then launch an intercept mission completely autonomously and is capable of complex target chases and head-on engagements, while causing no collateral damage. With more than 680 successful documented physical interceptions of UAV’s, the Goshawk can integrate to external detection, soft kill or C2 systems. The complete system provides a practical, safe, and successful solution to hostile UAV’s, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, acting completely autonomously, from launch to landing. Coupled with the Goshawk Smart Nest, this C-UAS capability can be utilised for rapid interception, while providing simple logistical deployment and transportation. RoboTiCan Goshawk Smart Nest To enquire about the Goshawk and other products within the RoboTiCan range, or to arrange a practical demonstration with one of our technical experts, please contact the Viking Police & Military division on +44 (0)1423 780810 or email

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