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KG Industries announce Viking Arms as European Distributor

Viking Arms is proud to announce that it is now the European distributor for KG Industries Weapon Cleaning and Protective Coating Products. KG Industries Weapon Cleaning Fluids have been the Industry Standard since the 1968, leading the way forward with their commitment to Environmentally Safe Products without compromising on performance.  Unlike other manufacturers, KG believes there is no one single product on the market today that can properly maintain firearms. KG Industries provides reasonably priced products, which will thoroughly clean and protect firearms with the least amount of effort and provide the greatest amount of protection for your firearms. KG Industries manufactures products that are not harmful to firearms, shooters or the environment. KG Industries believes there are 3 Steps which must be performed to keep firearms safe, reliable and clean.  They are: Step 1. Remove the carbon. Step 2. Remove the copper or lead wash and flush the resulting residue from the bore.  Step 3. Protect the firearm from corrosion. KG-1 carbon Remover:  KG was the first company in the shooting sports industry to address the removal of carbon. Why is this step important? Carbon residue is the hardest and most abrasive material left in the bore after shooting. Dissolving the carbon is the only effective way to remove the hard grit from the bore without harming the bore. KG-1 is air activated which starts the chemistry that will attack and dissolve the carbon.  Passing a wet patch through the bore and waiting just minutes will begin the process.  KG-1 is environmentally safe and can be utilised in Ultra-Sound cleaning baths at a ratio of 4:1. KG-2 & KG-12:  KG leads the industry in removing copper wash without Ammonia.  Ammonia etches metal and causes pitting.  KG-2 removes copper from the lands and groves mechanically and smoothes over the copper that was embedded into the micro-fractures of the bore.  Removing copper mechanically significantly reduces the need for a fouling shot. Major SWAT and Special Forces Teams clean their weapons using this technique.  KG-2 will also polish the bore. KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner uses a chemical means to remove copper and is the only water based, non-ammoniated copper remover that will completely remove copper without harming other metals.  KG-12 will only attack Copper! KG-3 Solvent Degreaser is an extremely fast evaporating, ozone safe product.  KG-3 Solvent Degreaser leaves no film residue. KG-4 Gun Oil was the only oil to pass original military specifications and rigorous high load stress tests. Independent tests by the Falex Corporation shows an unprecedented average of 1733 seconds before failure. KG-4 Gun Oil will provide excellent lubrication, protection from oxidation and creates basically a film between the bore and bullet which means easier cleaning, his will not increase pressure or velocity. KG-4 is suitable for use in Ultra-Sonic baths. This new and exciting partnership with KG Industries together with the hugely popular Pro Shot brand of Weapon Cleaning Equipment enables Viking Arms to offer the ultimate in weapon cleaning systems.  For further information, pricing and MSDS please contact the PMD sales team.