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GLOCK Training Pistols: Revolutionising Tactical Training for Police Forces and the UK Military

GLOCK’s specially designed training pistols are an integral tool for reality-based tactical training, catering specifically to police and military units. These pistols facilitate training with colour marking or plastic projectile ammunition, providing a realistic and safe training environment.

Key Features of GLOCK SAFE ACTION® Training Pistols:

  • Designed for Specialised Ammunition: These training pistols are tailored for use with FX®, FOF, or UTM ammunition, offering versatility in training scenarios.
  • Authentic Ergonomics and Feel: They maintain the same ergonomics and touch-and-feel characteristics of standard service pistols, ensuring familiarity and ease of use for officers.

Innovations in the Gen5 Training Pistols:

The Gen5 GLOCK Training pistols incorporate the acclaimed features of the Gen5 series, including:

  • Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever: Enhances usability for left and right-handed users.
  • Reversible Magazine Release and Flared Magwell: Facilitates quicker and more efficient reloading.
  • Removal of Finger Grooves: Provides a more comfortable and universal grip.
  • Hybrid Polymer-Steel Slide: Features front serrations and a factory-machined slide cutout for easy optics mounting.

Realistic Force on Force Training:

Modern law enforcement and military training demands realistic, scenario-based exercises. GLOCK’s training tools are instrumental in this approach, offering the same handling and ergonomics as regular GLOCK pistols. This realism is crucial for effective force on force training, providing personnel with the experience needed to handle real-world situations.

Additional Training Tools:

Among GLOCK’s array of training aids is the cutaway pistol. This tool is invaluable for armourers and instructors, as it demonstrates the inner workings of a GLOCK, facilitating a more visual and interactive educational experience.

Learn More About GLOCK Training Pistols:

Discover the full capabilities and features of GLOCK Training pistols through this informative video presented by a GLOCK Product Manager. The video covers various aspects, including the purpose of these pistols, how they differ from live firearms, their features and characteristics, compatible ammunition, and available models.

For more information on GLOCK, to arrange training or enrol on our GLOCK armourers course, please contact the Viking Police & Military division on +44 (0)1423 780810 or email