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Awarded UK MoD Contract for Initial supply of CsUAS-SWS worth £4,600,000.

We are delighted to announce a momentous partnership with the British Army, representing a significant step forward in our commitment to provide future forces equipment solutions. In partnership with Smartshooter, we have been awarded a ground-breaking contract worth £4,600,000 for an initial supply of 225 SMASH sights, as detailed in the news article by the Ministry of Defence. Read more on

Building upon our unrivalled expertise, we have successfully provided a Counter-Small Uncrewed Air System (C-sUAS) capability, poised to revolutionise close combat operations for Very High Readiness units across the British Army, that will provide an unprecedented advantage against countering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), bolstering the security of our forces and critical assets.

Wing Commander Mark Bowden, Programmes Directorate, Counter-UAS SO1, said:

“We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the first dismounted C-sUAS equipment into the core equipment programme.”

“SMASH is a proven capability already in service with our allies and partners.”

“As we have seen in Ukraine and other operational areas the UAS threat is growing significantly.”

“SMASH offers significant enhancement to the close combat operator across all three Services, delivering a tactical edge to the dismounted soldier in the C-sUAS battle.”

Viking Arms Managing Director, Sam MacArthur, said:

“We are tremendously proud to have been selected to supply the UK MOD’s C-sUAS Smart Weapon Sight capability.”

“The need for C-sUAS capability is very evident and we feel the SMASH solution is truly game changing.”

“We are honoured to be supporting our British Armed Forces with technology that will provide significant battlefield advantages, whilst the contract builds on our continued success as a trusted supplier within the UK Defence Sector.”

This cutting-edge weapon sight equips our troops with advanced capabilities to seamlessly detect, track, and neutralise hostile drones in real-time, even amidst challenging operational environments. Its game-changing functionality ensures the utmost safety of our soldiers while minimising vulnerabilities to aerial threats.

SmartShooter CEO, Michal Mor, added: 

“We are delighted to cooperate with Viking Arms Ltd for this significant project and appreciate their excellence in managing this complicated endeavour of a complex tender process.”

“We are confident that the SMASH Precision Fire Control Systems, that revolutionise the dismounted soldier world, is an ideal fit for the C-sUAS needs of the British Army, providing the dismounted soldier a pin-point accurate kinetic interception capability, that enables Force Self Protection against an emerging clear and present threat.”

We are immensely proud to collaborate with the British Army, further solidifying our position as industry leaders in military innovation. This momentous partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that shape the future of modern warfare.

For more information on SmartShooter or to arrange a practical demonstration with one of our technical experts, please contact the Viking Police & Military division on +44 (0)1423 780810 or email